Black Belt 2nd Degree

What is the difference between a 1st degree and a 2nd degree black belt?  As a 2nd degree, you should now be giving back to your school (assistant instructor).

As a 2nd Degree you are competently able to teach students up to the level of Red Stripe.

The school and the art also needs you to appear in competitions.  There are many roles that need to be filled.  We need umpires (referees), coaches and competitors


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2nd Degree Test Criteria

Training Requirements

In order to test from the Black Belt 1st Degree to 2nd Degree, you will need to accomplish the following:

24 Months of Training

* All applicants must be at least 12 years old to obtain a Black Belt 2nd Degree.

Additional Requirements

You will need to participate in the following events before grading for 1st Degree Black Belt:

02 - Competition

03 - Seminars

Students are required to assist/volunteer in:

40-Beginner or Little Warrior Classes

Students are also required to maintain their membership with the Original Taekwon-Do Federation America (OTFA).  This is a $50 fee per year.

Cost of Testing - $550

This includes:

- ITF Certificate

- OTFA Certificate

- Black Belt Uniform

- Black Belt with Embroidery

- The Test (and all procedures)

Test Composition

The Written Exam


The written test is the first stage of testing.  It comprises of questions from your Taekwon-Do knowledge.  It is important to study your booklets / hand-outs as well as attend classes.


The Physical Test


Upon completion of your written test, each student must undergo a physical test.  Each Physical Test is comprised of Running, Jump Rope, Push-ups, Sit-ups, squats and speed kicks.


The Technical Test


After completing the Written Test and the Physical Test, students move on to go through the technical test.  This section is comprised of Fundamentals, Kicking Drills, Patterns, Sparring, Self-Defense and Breaking.

More Information

Black Belt 2nd Degree Physical Test


Cardio & Coordination

To complete this portion of the Physical Test, each student must complete the following:

16 laps of running (4 miles) in 45 minutes

2000 jumps (jump rope) in 20 minutes

100 meter dash in less than 20 seconds


Strength & Conditioning

To complete this portion of the Physical Test, each student must complete the following:

5 sets of 30 proper Push-ups

5 sets of 30 proper Sit-ups

5 sets of 30 deep knee bends

30 tuck jumps


Speed & Accuracy

To complete this portion of the Physical Test, each student must complete the following:

30 Speed Front Snap Kicks (each leg)

30 Speed Turning Kicks (each leg)

30 Speed Side Piercing Kick (each leg)

30 Speed Reverse Hooking Kicks (each leg)

200 punches 90 seconds (alternating hands)