The Blue Stripe (5th Grade)

Congratulations on achieving your Blue Stripe!

Being at this level is exciting as is it numerically when you are halfway between white belt & black belt although you still have quite a bit more time 

It is also a stage where you may experience boredom.  To avoid this we recommend attending more Taekwon-Do events such as tournaments and seminars.  The training for competitions will help keep you improving and reaching new heights with your skills.

To start, please watch the intro video below:


Want a copy of the Blue Stripe Requirements?  Download it below.

05th Grade (pdf)


Test Criteria

Training Requirements

In order to test from Blue Stripe to the Blue Belt, you will need to accomplish the following:

Children (6 to 11 Years Old)-

05- Months of training

50- Attended Classes

Teens & Adults (ages 12 & up)-

04- Months of training

50- Attended Classes

Additional Requirements

You will need to participate in the following events before grading for Blue Belt (4th Grade):

01 - Competition

01 - Seminar

Students are now required to maintain their membership with the Original Taekwon-Do Federation America (OTFA).  This is a $50 fee per year.

Cost of Testing - $50

Test Composition

The Written Test


The written test is the first stage of testing.  It comprises of questions from your Taekwon-Do knowledge.  It is important to study your booklets / hand-outs as well as attend classes.


The Physical Test


Upon completion of your written test, each student must undergo a physical test.  Each Physical Test is comprised of Running, Jump Rope, Push-ups, Sit-ups, squats and speed kicks.


The Technical Test


After completing the Written Test and the Physical Test, students move on to go through the technical test.  This section is comprised of Fundamentals, Kicking Drills, Patterns, Sparring, Self-Defense and Breaking.

More Information

Blue Stripe Written Test

Here below are a couple of Practice Tests.  This is a sample test that you can use to study for your testing.

Files coming soon.

Blue Stripe Physical Test


Cardio & Coordination

To complete this portion of the Physical Test, each student must complete the following:

08 minutes of jogging

08 minutes of jump rope

02 minutes of sprinting


Strength & Conditioning

To complete this portion of the Physical Test, each student must complete the following:

35 proper Push-ups

35 proper Sit-ups

35 deep knee bends

15 tuck jumps


Speed & Accuracy

To complete this portion of the Physical Test, each student must complete the following:

20 Speed Front Snap Kicks (each leg)

20 Speed Turning Kicks (each leg)

20 Speed Side Piercing Kick (each leg)

20 Speed Reverse Hooking Kicks (each leg)

Blue Stripe Technical Test


Fundamental Movements

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Kicking Drills & Combinations

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